Examples of Work
About Steve

This is a competition which is held every year.  All people in the trade including goldsmiths, enamellers, jewellers, designers, colleges etc. enter the work which they have made throughtout that year, when available.

1978     Junior Smallworkers     2nd Place     Three coloured Gold Cartier Lighter

1986     Senior Smallworker     Commended   Snowdrop Egg

1988     Senior Smallworker      1st Place     Enamelled bird on branch with a rotating picture frame in its stomach

1991     Senior Smallworker       1st Place     Rock Crystal Safe

1995     Senior Smallworker       1st Place     Enamel and crystal picture frame

2000     Senior Smallworker       2nd Place    White and Yellow Gold Picture Frame

2003     Senior Smallworker      2nd Place     Silver Gilt Enamelled Egg

2004     Senior Smallworker      Commended   Gold Enamelled Locket

2004     Senior smallworker      1st Place      Sliding door Travel Clock

2004                                    Best Senior

2005     Senior Smallworker      Commended  Two Colour Gold Watch